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Discover our online store and browse through our Aljezur surf brand collections.

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The Aljezur trademark is growing bigger as each day goes by, We hope that you think about visiting us here in Algarve, to surf the Aljezur waves.

surf school

Aljezur Surf School offer classes for beginners, novices, and intermediates and if professional surfers want to join us, they are welcome to do as well!

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Aljezur Villas is the most experienced surf accommodation offer you can find near Arrifana Beach, Aljezur.


Aljezur Surf Spot

Aljezur Surf Spot shop was created to bring back an old style surf shop that is focused on the customer and has a welcoming vibe.
We are inspired in a surfing lifestyle space at Aljezur on the beautiful Vicentina Coast of Algarve-Portugal.
We are that surf shop that respects our community, brands and friends, their creativity, and core surfing values.
Drop in any time (no…never drop in), we are open 9 am till 8 pm. and we operate seven days a week.
Come on in and visit us, join the conversation with the locals, the surfers, the fisherman’s, the skaters, or just have a look around.

The online shop is now open



Find a board that is perfect for you, shortboard or longboard.

With a variety of Portuguese and International brands.

From beginner to experienced we can find you your next high quality board.


Classes are available all year, all the surfers with all different levels of experience like beginners, intermediates or professionals are welcome to join us.


We have a great range of surfboards available to rent for all skill levels.

Whether you would like a kids’ foamie, a learn-to-surf beginner board or a high-performance shortboard, we have the best to suit you.

You can pick your board at our shop or we can delivery it near the area.


Today we have a reputation for supporting our local brands so surf culture lifestyle and the best quality can be found in all our accessories and brands including our own Aljezur brand.


We offer a comprehensive repair service for all different types of epoxy and fiberglass boards.

For all of our repairs we use only the high strength materials available.

Our aim is to keep your board the same weight if possible and restore its overall strength.
Normally the repair time takes about one to three days depending on the damage.


Discover our online store and browse through our Aljezur surf brand collections.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak the worldwide delivery  is suspended.

*( within Portugal ) free-shipping for orders over 30€.

Our school is open

Aljezur Surf School

Aljezur Surf School offer the quality surf services like rentals, surf safaris and surf courses that is complemented with the great cozy accommodation for the visitors, so you can check our surf promotions to learn how to surf with us at Rota Vicentina.

Surf Packages

A cozy place to stay

Aljezur Villas

Aljezur Villas is located in one of the best spots of Portugal for Surfing.
Arrifana beach presents us with great waves more than 300 days a year.